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With the constant upgrading of smart phones, FPC industry has great prospects for development

The birth of smart phones is the evolution of handheld computers. Smart phones have been gradually in-depth and widely used in people’s daily life, and people have increasingly high requirements for smart phones. In the development of FPC industry, smart phones have made great contributions. At present, the use of mainstream smart phones FPC is 10-15 pieces, and the use of iPhone X is even more than 20 pieces. With the upgrading of products, the usage of stand-alone FPC will continue to increase gradually in the future, and the FPC industry has great prospects for development.

Mobile FPC

FPC is widely used in smart phones for the connection of parts and mainboards, such as display modules, fingerprint modules, camera modules, antennas, vibrators, etc. With the continuous penetration of fingerprint identification, the upgrade of cameras to dual camera three camera, and the use of OLEDs, the use of FPC will continue to increase. With the full screen becoming one of the upgrading trends in the smartphone industry, the COF scheme is expected to drive the demand for FPC boards to increase significantly. At the same time, with the release of Huawei and Samsung folding phones, the demand for flexible AMOLED will be boosted in the future.

According to Zhao Qiangao of Cabol Technology, with the gradual popularization of dual camera and tri camera camera modules, there is still a large room for growth in the future. It is estimated that the camera module will reach about 45% in 2019. Huawei mobile phones are a firm driver of dual camera. In 2017, dual camera shipments accounted for more than 50%, followed by Vivo and Apple. Apple FPC suppliers are mainly from Japan, Taiwan and the United States. Samsung is mainly from South Korea. Huawei, OPPO and vivo will also purchase from domestic suppliers in addition to Japanese and Taiwan suppliers. FPC FPC, as the core component of smart phones, will welcome new opportunities for industry development.

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