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When receiving an inquiry, should the circuit board factory talk about it first or talk about it first and then offer?

Every time a PCB factory receives an inquiry from a customer, the first thing to do is to confirm the specific problems with the customer, and then move forward after confirmation. However, some PCB manufacturers believe that efficiency is the most important thing. As soon as an inquiry is made, they will quote the price in the shortest time. For these two follow-up methods, I believe that some people must be using them, but some people will be confused and do not know which one is appropriate. So, should PCB manufacturers talk about quotation first or talk about quotation first?

A friend of mine asked me the other day that a Swiss customer had sent a PCB drawing for quotation. After reading the drawing, he needed to confirm several questions with the customer, and then wrote an email to ask, but there was no news. In fact, this is what the article mentioned at the beginning of the need to confirm information with customers before quoting. In this case, many customers are disgusted. What they need is the supplier’s own experience and expertise to give constructive advice.

If you make suggestions based on the information given by the customer, cooperate with your own understanding, and then give the customer a detailed quotation, it is to let the customer feel your professionalism. Once the customer sees your detailed quotation and details, if he thinks that the scheme you give is not what he wants, he will reply to your email and tell you where and how to change it. This is how Hong Kong and Taiwan traders deal with problems.

Therefore, the circuit board factory should talk about quotation first, or talk about quotation first. We can give professional suggestions according to our own understanding and make a good quotation. Then, according to the customer’s feedback, we can modify and adjust, and then quote.



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