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What is FPC steel mesh and what is its function

The steel mesh, also known as SMT template, is a special SMT mold. Its main function is to help the deposition of solder paste, so as to transfer the exact amount of solder paste to the exact position on the empty FPC FPC FPC. According to the production process of SMT steel mesh, it can be divided into: laser template, electropolishing template, electroforming template, ladder template, bonding template, nickel plated template, and etching template.

FPC stencil is a large number of patch ICs on the FPC FPC FPC. Before welding, solder paste should be brushed on the bonding pads of the patch components. This requires making a steel mesh. A hole should be opened at the location of each patch pad on the steel mesh. In this way, when the machine is used to brush solder paste, solder paste will leak from all the holes on the FPC FPC FPC FPC FPC, and then paste the components, and finally reflow the welder. As long as there are SMD components on your FPC FPC, you need to make a steel mesh.



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