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What are the disadvantages of FPC soft circuit board?

FPC flexible circuit board has the advantages of being thin, light and foldable, which plays a role that rigid PCB cannot play in many fields. However, FPC has corresponding shortcomings due to the limitations of materials and materials. Today, the circuit board manufacturer briefly introduces the shortcomings of FPC flexible circuit board.

FPC flexible circuit board

  1. High one-time initial cost

Since FPC flexible circuit boards are designed and manufactured for special applications, the initial cost of circuit design, wiring and photographic plate is high.

  1. It is difficult to change and repair FPC

Once the FPC soft circuit board is made, it must be changed from the base drawing or the photo drawing program, so it is not easy to change. Its surface is covered with a layer of protective film, which shall be removed before repair and restored after repair, which is a relatively difficult task.

  1. Limited size

FPC flexible circuit boards are usually manufactured by batch process when they are not popular, so they cannot be made very long or wide due to the size limitation of production equipment.

  1. Easy to damage due to improper operation

Improper operation of assembly and connection personnel is likely to cause damage to FPC flexible circuit board, and its soldering and rework require trained personnel.



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