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What are the benefits to the PCB/FPC industry of Shenzhen’s construction of an advanced demonstration zone?

As an important window of China’s reform and opening up, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has made remarkable achievements in various undertakings and has become an international innovative city full of charm, power, vitality and innovation. At present, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. Supporting Shenzhen to hold high the banner of reform and opening up in the new era and build a demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics is conducive to promoting reform and opening up at a higher starting point, at a higher level and with a higher goal, and forming a new pattern of comprehensively deepening reform and expanding opening up; It is conducive to better implementing the strategy of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area and enriching the new practice of “one country, two systems”; It is conducive to taking the lead in exploring a new path to building a modern and powerful socialist country in an all-round way and providing strong support for the realization of the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Under the strong promotion of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, Shenzhen 5G, artificial intelligence, network technology, biomedicine, high-end communication devices and other industries will welcome significant benefits. All of these are complementary to the rise in the volume and price of PCB and FPC.

What advantages can the PCB/FPC industry gain?

Judging from the wording of the central document, this special zone construction has risen to the category of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is higher than ordinary special economic zones, and support policies will be better. Including funds, administrative support, more flexible talent policies and difficulties in international capital inflow for technology enterprises, it will also be more convenient in terms of talent flow and financial cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Talent cost, flexible financial market and better living environment are all important for the development of science and technology enterprises.

Article (4) of the document mentioned: support Shenzhen to build 5G, artificial intelligence, cyberspace science and technology, life information and biomedicine laboratories and other major innovation carriers, and explore the construction of an international science and technology information center and a medical science academy with a new mechanism We will support Shenzhen to implement a more open and convenient system for the introduction of overseas talents and the entry and exit management, and allow international talents with permanent residence qualifications to establish scientific and technological enterprises and act as legal representatives of scientific research institutions in Shenzhen.

The recent events in Hong Kong have also led the Central Committee to decide to explore the RMB international financial center and new system outside Hong Kong.

This is reflected in Articles (5) and (6), and it can also be seen that the central government regards Huawei and other communication and medical devices as key supporting industries: vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, and create manufacturing innovation centers in the fields of future communication high-end devices, high-performance medical devices, etc Support innovative applications such as digital currency research and mobile payment in Shenzhen. Promote connectivity with Hong Kong and Macao financial markets and mutual recognition of financial (fund) products. First try to promote the internationalization of RMB and explore innovative cross-border financial regulation We will support Shenzhen to deepen the reform of foreign exchange management on a pilot basis. We will encourage more international organizations and institutions to settle in Shenzhen.

At the same time, Shenzhen will further open up to talents and funds from Hong Kong and Macao, which is particularly important for the electronics and semiconductor industries, which are short of high-end talents and have a long investment cycle.

It can be seen from Article (7) that the level of opening to Hong Kong and Macao has been constantly improved. We will accelerate the construction of Shenzhen Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, explore collaborative development models, innovate science and technology management mechanisms, and promote the efficient and convenient flow of personnel, capital, technology, information and other elements. We will promote the coordinated development of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou, promote the integration and interaction between the east and west sides of the Pearl River Estuary, innovate, improve, explore and promote the management system and mechanism of the Shenzhen Shantou Special Cooperation Zone.

Digital government and social credit platform are the major trend in the future, which can help the boss not to run to the “Yamen” every day, and can do things well without leaving home. Although BATs are all involved in this field, Tencent, as the representative of Shenzhen enterprises, may get more support after Shenzhen becomes an emerging demonstration zone.

It can be seen from point (9) and (10) that we should promote the reform and construction of “digital government” and achieve active, accurate, integrated and intelligent government management and services Comprehensive application of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to improve the intelligent and professional level of social governance. Strengthen the construction of social credit system and take the lead in building a unified social credit platform. Accelerate the construction of a smart city and support Shenzhen to build a big data center in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. We will explore and improve data property rights and privacy protection mechanisms, and strengthen network information security.

In addition, the medical and cultural industries, the construction of first-class universities and disciplines, the creative tourism industry and the green environment are further improving Shenzhen’s infrastructure and the attractiveness of the whole city.

The above is from the perspective of basic discipline support. In addition, there is another perspective: the construction of Dawan District. From the perspective of geographical location and industrial conditions, the Great Bay Area is the only symbol of science and technology benchmarking the San Francisco Bay in China, but the construction of the Great Bay Area is not satisfactory.

However, with the support of the Central Committee this time, it means that Shenzhen is firmly committed to serving as the leading brother of Dawan District. Countless Shenzhen technology companies will benefit from this, for example, in terms of financing, government support and various opportunities, which will be very beneficial.



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