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Two hot spots in FPC industry: smart phones and automotive electronics

The global FPC market has exceeded 10 billion US dollars, and its share in PCB output value has gradually increased to about 20%. The domestic FPC market accounts for about half of the global FPC market; Mobile phones, tablets and computers are the main application fields of FPC FPC, accounting for more than 60% in total.

FPC FPCs are widely used in smart phones for the connection of parts and mainboards, such as display modules, fingerprint modules, camera modules, antennas, vibrators, etc. At present, the usage of mainstream smart phones FPC is 10~15 pieces, and the usage of iPhone X even exceeds 20 pieces. With the product upgrade, the usage of stand-alone FPC will continue to increase gradually in the future.

FPC FPC also has a huge space in the automotive field, which can be used for power batteries, on-board display modules, sensors, lights and other scenes. FPC FPC is an optimal choice to reduce process complexity, weight and cost. With the development of new energy vehicles, FPC for vehicles has broad prospects.



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