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The market demand of medical equipment drives the development of FPC FPC

With the aging population increasing year by year, people’s health awareness is also constantly strengthening. According to statistics, the growth rate of medical equipment market demand in China is higher than the global average growth rate. The growing market demand has promoted the development of portable medical electronic equipment in China, and the development of the medical industry depends on the development of instruments to a large extent. FPC FPC has the characteristics of being thin and flexible, and has the highest degree of fit with portable medical electronic equipment. It is the preferred connecting device for portable medical electronic equipment. FPC FPC industry will become one of the biggest beneficiaries of the vigorous development of the portable medical electronic equipment market.

At present, the common portable household medical electronic devices on the market are mainly electronic manometers, portable blood glucose meters and electronic hearing aids. Due to the large population base of our country, these easy-to-use and convenient medical equipment have not been widely popularized. As consumer electronics, household portable medical electronic equipment has been developing progressively in China. According to Zhao Qianbo of Cabol Technology, the medical industry is an industry related to national health. Medical electronic equipment has relatively high technical requirements for FPC flexible circuit board. Our company currently has mature FPC manufacturing experience in medical gastroscope, B-ultrasound probe, beauty instrument, blood pressure instrument and other fields.

In the future, China’s medical industry will not only develop the hardware facilities of hospitals, but also popularize the portable medical electronic equipment in families and public places to facilitate the treatment of patients at any time and anywhere. Medical equipment is the basic condition for continuously improving the level of medical science and technology, and also an important symbol of modernization. Medical equipment has become an important field of modern medical treatment. Therefore, circuit board manufacturers should keep pace with the development of medical equipment in the application of medical FPC to meet the huge demand for FPC in the medical industry.



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