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The market capacity of FPC manufacturers has increased, and the production capacity tends to move eastward

From the perspective of industry space, on the one hand, the 5G high frequency high-speed communication era promotes the demand for high frequency FPC and the FPC increment brought by the change of the internal structure of domestic computers; on the other hand, the OLED, 3DSensor, wireless charging and other terminal innovations will bring new FPC increment, thus helping the global FPC manufacturers to further expand their output value.

From the perspective of the products of Apple, the leading company that uses the most FPC, driven by innovative applications, the use of FPC in the iPhone series has been increasing since the iPhone 4 in 2010. In recent years, the proportion of FPC in the total PCB output value has also been greatly improved compared with 2010. Looking into the future, the innovation trend of 5G and consumer electronics will continue, and the market space of FPC will be further expanded, which will benefit related industrial companies.

From the perspective of industrial pattern, thanks to cost advantages and driven by local market demand, the proportion of domestic manufacturers will steadily increase, and the growth rate of PCB/FPC output value in mainland China will exceed the growth rate of global PCB/FPC in the next few years. According to the statistics of Cabol Technology, according to the prediction of Cabol Technology, the output value of the global PCB industry will continue to grow in the next few years. By 2022, the output value of the global PCB industry will reach nearly 76 billion dollars



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