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The impact of the COVID-19 on the medical FPC industry

According to the latest statistics reported in the news, the COVID-19 has spread to more than 200 countries and regions, making it a global epidemic. This epidemic may have a long-term impact on global businesses, including FPC manufacturers. The impact on the medical electronics industry is mainly reflected in the increased demand for clinical respiratory support equipment and the growing demand for FPC in medical electronic products. In particular, the outbreak of COVID-19 has put forward more urgent requirements for medical FPC.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has brought great challenges to hospitals and society. The supply of medical equipment, such as respirators, ECMO, mobile laboratories, mobile CT and other complex equipment, falls short of demand. In addition, the demand for temperature monitors, hand-held thermometers and infrared thermometers has also greatly increased. Quality, safety and durability are the basic factors of medical FPC. The FPC circuit board type of Cabol Technology can provide services for the medical industry and meet the specific needs of medical applications. The internal FPC and components in many medical devices must be small enough to meet the needs of special medical purposes. HDI buried blind hole FPCs are preferred in the medical industry because they allow high-density connections to be packaged in very small spaces. For implants and other complex devices, only HDI buried blind hole FPC can provide high transmission rate in small packages. HDI buried blind hole FPC is not only the best solution for the miniaturization trend of electronic products in the medical industry, but also the best choice in other industries such as communication, automobile, aircraft, etc.

Cabol Technology is a company specialized in providing FPC manufacturing, proofing, batch production and processing, mainly producing FPC single and double sided boards, FPC multilayer boards, and soft and hard combination boards. Our FPC board proofing time is 3-4 days, and we also provide 24-hour fast and urgent proofing service. The delivery time of FPC batch is 7-10 days. In addition, Cabol Technology has also opened a green emergency channel for medical FPC orders to help consumers in the medical industry. If you have any questions about medical FPC, please call or consult the online service for details.



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