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The development of consumer electronics and communications will drive the demand for FPC FPCs

The development of China’s consumer electronics and communication industry chain is the demand base of China’s FPC FPC. The lightweight demand for mobile phones, tablets and other products has led to the improvement of FPC market space. FPC is a flexible printed circuit board. In the evolution of intelligent and thin mobile electronic products, FPC has been used in all directions due to its advantages of high density, light weight, thin thickness, bending resistance, flexible structure, high temperature resistance, etc. With the application structure of PCB products, corresponding changes have taken place. The proportion of flexible circuit boards, HDI boards and packaging substrates with high technology content has gradually increased, among which the proportion of flexible circuit boards has increased to 17% in 2016.

Application of FPC FPC

The FPC, the main product of Cabol Technology, is the most promising subdivision of printed circuit boards, with a global output value of more than US $10 billion. Most consumer electronic products use FPC flexible circuit boards or soft and hard combination boards. The driving force for driving the market demand for flexible circuit boards mainly comes from the development of consumer electronics in miniaturization, thinness and intelligence. However, with the application development and gradual promotion of 5G technology, the domestic electronic information industry will bring a new round of innovation cycle and new growth momentum, and promote the further upgrading of the industrial chain in various related fields.

There is a clear gap between domestic FPC enterprises and foreign manufacturers. However, according to insiders, with the rapid development of Huawei, OPPO, VIVO and other domestic mobile phone brands in recent years, the gap between domestic FPC manufacturers and foreign enterprises in terms of technology level and production scale is shrinking through their own technological innovation, production process transformation and capacity upgrading. For example, at least 20 FPCs are required in the new Apple phones, and the tablet products will be further thin and light, which will increase the demand for FPC products. At the same time, leading domestic brands Huawei, OPPO, vivo, etc. will also increase the use of FPC. The market size of FPC FPC in China has grown to 31.6 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2021, the FPC market in China is expected to reach 51.6 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 10%.



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