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The circuit board factory will show you the principle of wireless charging

According to the small editor of the circuit board factory, wireless charging includes electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance, electric field coupling and radio wave transmission. Usually, the principle of electromagnetic induction is adopted for wireless charging of our mobile phones. The most wireless charging FPC circuit boards produced by Cabol Technology use the electromagnetic induction wireless charging principle. The wireless charging FPC circuit board generates a magnetic field through the coil when the power current is supplied. When other unpowered coils are close to the magnetic field, current will be generated to charge the mobile phone.

  1. The principle of electromagnetic induction is to give a certain frequency of alternating current to the primary coil, generate a certain current in the secondary coil through electromagnetic induction, so as to transfer energy from the transmission end to the receiving end, thus realizing the wireless transmission of electric energy from the transmission coil to the receiving coil.
  2. The wireless transmission mode of magnetic resonance is similar to the principle of wireless communication. The electromagnetic wave of the resonant loop at the sending end diffuses in the whole space in an all-round and open manner, and the loop at the receiving end resonates at this specific frequency, so as to realize energy transmission.
  3. The electric field coupling type can be regarded as the enhanced version of the resonance type. It requires two resonance systems, namely, transmitting and receiving, which can be made of induction coils. By adjusting the transmitting frequency to make the transmitting end vibrate at a certain frequency, it generates a non radiating magnetic field instead of ordinary electromagnetic waves that diffuse everywhere, that is, it converts electric energy into magnetic field, forming an energy channel between two coils.
  4. The wireless charging mode of radio wave transmission is the most similar to the way people imagine wireless charging. An electromagnetic wave generator is installed at the power supply, and then the energy is transmitted to the receiving antenna through the transmitting antenna, and then the electromagnetic wave signal is converted into electrical energy for equipment use.


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