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Printed circuit board + SMT and DIP PCBA


PCB Type:PCB,FPC,Rigid-flex PCB


Layers:1-32 layers



Solder Mask:polyimide film (brown, black, white), ink (green, blue, black, etc.)

Character:White, Black, Other


Copper Thickness:1/3oz,1/2oz,1.0oz,1.5oz,2oz,3oz

Min. Line Width:0.05mm/2mil

Min. Line Spacing:0.05mm/2mil

Min. Hole Diameter:0.075mm/3mil

Forming Method:Laser cutting,Die punching

Test Method:Flying probe test,Fixture test,AOI,X-Ray

Package Type:SMT,DIP

Sample Delivery:3-4days, expedited 24 hours

Bulk Delivery:6-7days, expedited 72 hours

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Our business scope:

  1. PCB design. You can ask to use protel, Altium Designer, Allegro, Mentor pads, easyeda;
  2. PCB manufacturing. Including FPC, FR-4 PCB, Rigid flex PCB, Aluminum PCB, High Frequency PCB, the number of PCB layers that can be produced is 1-40, and the minimum line width and minimum line spacing are 0.05mm;
  3. BOM ingredients. Purchase the corresponding materials according to the BOM provided by the customer;
  4. PCB assembly. SMT and DIP packaging can be carried out, and AOI and X-Ray testing can be carried out for products;
  5. Finished product testing. For simpler products, our company has general equipment for testing, and for more complex products, our company can provide tooling and fixtures for testing;
  6. PCBA board reading and decoding.
Zhaogoo PCB Process Capability Table
Number of PCB layers1-12 layers1-42 layers1-10 layers1-4 layers1-24 layers
Thickness interval0.05-2.00mm0.30-5.00mm0.10-3.00mm0.8-5.0mm0.13-3.00mm
Max. size240*2000mm1000*1000mm240*1000mm800*800mm240*500mm
Min. line width2mil3mil2mil4mil2mil
Min. line spacing2mil3mil2mil4mil2mil
Min. aperture3mil4mil3mil4mil3mil
Impedance control±5% & ±10%±5% & ±10%±5% & ±10%±5% & ±10%±5% & ±10%
Surface treatmentENIG,LF HASLHASL,OSPENIT,Gold Plated
Special processBuried blind holes, step grooves, metal substrates, embedded resistors, enbeddedcapacitors, back drills, step gold fingers, etc
The above parameters are only for partial reference. Please feel free to ask us for more detailed process capability.

Product packaging The final production process is to package the PCBA products. If it is a separate PCB (without SMT or DIP packaging), we will use anti-static bags, blister boxes or vacuum packaging, as shown in the following figure:

If it is a PCBA product that has been packaged by SMT or DIP, in order to protect the product from damage during transportation, we generally use a blister box for packaging. At the same time, you can also specify the packaging method you need. Finally, use our carton for unified packaging.

Product Shipping We cooperate with HTL, EMS, TNT, UPS, FedEX and other logistics freight forwarders. You can specify your own freight forwarder.

Q: Do you have your own factory?

A: We have a workshop of 5652m² for the production and manufacture of PCBA products.

Q: What are the main businesses of your company?

A: We provide the whole process from design to packaging of PCBA products, we can do PCB/FPC/Rigid-flex PCB design, PCB/FPC/Rigid-flex PCB production for you individually, and if you need, we can also do SMT for you Machining with DIP.

Q: What inspection and testing equipment do you have?

A: Testing machine, horizontal flying probe testing machine, AOI and X-Ray, you can also provide us with tooling fixtures to help you test finished products.

Q: What international certifications have you passed?

A: Our company has passed IOS9001, IOS14001, IOS45001 management system certification, and our products have passed ROHS, CE and UL certification. You can ask us for the above certificates.

Q: Do you have your own brand?

A: Our brand “ZHAOGOO” has been registered in most of the world, such as North America, South America, EU, UK, Japan, Australia, China, etc.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: T/T, Paypal and Western Union and Alibaba Trade Assurance.

Q: Who are your customers?

A: Based on the confidentiality agreement, some customer information is inconvenient to disclose. It is certain that our customers are located in 126 countries and regions, mainly in Asia, Europe and North America.

Q: Which logistics and transportation companies do you usually cooperate with?

A: We cooperate with HTL, EMS, TNT, UPS, FedEX and other logistics freight forwarders. You can specify your own freight forwarder.

Q: During the epidemic, will shipments be affected?

A: Yes, due to the epidemic, different countries have different policies, and the time limit for customs clearance may be longer or shorter, which may prolong the arrival time.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us at any time through the contact information floating on the right side of the page.



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