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Precautions for Printing Ink Used by PCB Factory

In the process of FPC FPC production, the use of ink is a very important part. In order to obtain the fidelity of image reproduction, the ink must have good viscosity and appropriate thixotropy. According to the practical experience of many PCB manufacturers in the use of printing ink, Cabol Technology has summarized the matters needing attention when using printing ink?

  1. Clean the screen thoroughly and cleanly with a suitable cleaning agent. When cleaning again, use clean solvent.
  2. The temperature of the ink must be kept below 20 ℃ to 25 ℃, and the temperature change cannot be too large, otherwise the viscosity of the ink and the quality and effect of screen printing will be affected. To maintain the quality of the ink, it is best to store it at or under normal temperature.
  3. The ink must be dried in a device with a good exhaust system. Screen printing shall be carried out at the operation site where the operation conditions shall meet the technological requirements.
  4. Before use, the ink must be fully and carefully stirred manually or mechanically. If there is air in the ink, it should be allowed to stand for a period of time. If dilution is required, the mixture shall be fully mixed first, and then the viscosity shall be tested. The ink bucket must be sealed immediately after use. At the same time, never put the ink on the screen back into the ink bucket and mix it with the unused ink.

The production process of FPC FPC is complex, and every mistake in the production process will cause FPC FPC quality problems. When FPC FPC FPC is produced by a circuit board factory, only by ensuring the standardized operation of every detail can the circuit board meet the customer’s product quality requirements.



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