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New technical highlights of FPC flexible circuit board for wearable devices

Wearable devices, which integrate various cutting-edge electronic technologies, will be an important driving force for FPC FPCs and even the electronics industry in the coming years, and are expected to dominate the future consumer electronics market with explosive power. However, FPC FPC flexible circuit board has no reinforcement material, it is flexible, light in weight and thin in thickness. Flexible circuit reduces the number of electronic packages and interconnection points, reduces the probability of electronic failure, and has strong stability, which is very consistent with the requirements of wearable devices.

According to a recent report on the official website of the German Institute of Electron Synchrotron, the institute has cooperated with Hamburg University to develop a process suitable for 3D printing technology. It opens up the possibility that electronic devices with silver nanowire grids can be used as 3D printing FPC flexible circuit boards, which can be embedded in various flexible and transparent plastics to manufacture transparent and mechanically flexible electronic circuits. The researchers developed a process suitable for 3D printing technology, which can be used to manufacture transparent and mechanically flexible electronic circuits. They used X-ray imaging to check the structure, flexibility and access, showing the characteristics of elasticity and high flexibility.

With the economic development and technological progress, consumer electronics are growing by leaps and bounds, and wearable devices are also rising rapidly. Advanced products and technologies related to wearable devices will become the focus. Large companies with advanced technology in the world have launched flexible screen cloth products, and FPC flexible circuit board plays an important role. Wearable devices have become another important application field of FPC FPC after smart phones, which will further drive the growth of FPC FPC in the future. After a long period of technology accumulation, Cabol Technology has successfully produced FPC flexible circuit boards for a variety of wearable devices in large quantities.

FPC FPC is the basis of wearable electronic devices. It covers the fields of organic electronics, plastic electronics, bioelectronics, nano electronics, printing electronics, etc. Its products include RFID, flexible display, OLED display and lighting, flexible sensors, flexible photovoltaic, flexible logic and storage devices, flexible batteries, wearable devices, electronic skin, etc. This especially includes medical equipment that needs to be as transparent as possible. The versatility of flexible transparent circuits is enough to be applied to various electronic products.



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