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New opportunities are quietly brewing, and the demand for FPC soft boards is about to explode

In recent years, the rapid growth of smartphone production has driven the demand for FPC soft boards. Especially this year, China has become the leader of 5G, and 5G mobile phones will be widely used, which will bring new growth demand for FPC soft board market.

FPC soft board

There are many FPC soft board manufacturers in Chinese Mainland, most of which are located in the Pearl River Delta and Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. We have many manufacturers in Shenzhen. As mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras and other consumer electronic products are developing in the direction of thinner, smaller and more functional, FPC soft boards, which are soft, thin, high pin density, flexible, flexible and changeable in shape, meet the trend of thinner and more flexible electronic products, gradually replace the closed ends of hard boards in some aspects, and become the main connecting accessories in electronic devices.

Nowadays, electronic products are pursuing light, thin, short and small design, and FPC soft board has broad market prospects. In recent years, with the rapid development of wearable devices, the Internet of Things and other fields, new requirements have been put forward for FPC soft board industry, and the demand for FPC series products has increased significantly. As a professional manufacturer of FPC soft boards, Shenzhen Cabol Technology Co., Ltd. has set foot in and developed digital cameras, automobile satellite directional positioning devices, LCD TVs, laptops, medical instruments, intelligent robots, mobile phones and other communication fields. We are very grateful for the support of many customers for Hengchenghe, and are willing to work with us. We welcome more customers to negotiate cooperation.



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