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New energy vehicles enable FPC soft board to find a new application window

New energy vehicle refers to the vehicle with advanced technical principles, new technology and new structure, which uses unconventional vehicle fuel as the power source and integrates advanced technologies in vehicle power control and drive. FPC flexible circuit board has a broad application prospect in the intelligent devices of new energy vehicles because of its inherent physical characteristics such as bendability. With the expansion of the market scale of new energy vehicles and the improvement of the degree of automobile electronization, the use of FPC in the field of on-board intelligent devices will gradually increase, becoming one of the important markets in the FPC flexible board industry.

FPC’s development in the mobile phone electronics industry has entered the stage of full global competition, and the market space is relatively saturated. On the other hand, the outbreak of new energy vehicles and power battery market has also enabled FPC to find a new window for application. “New application of old products”, which is exactly the label FPC soft board is now attached to the new energy vehicle and power battery market. Around this, many FPC soft circuit board manufacturers have come to layout. At the same time, power battery enterprises are also actively introducing FPC soft circuit boards to replace traditional wire harnesses due to the improvement of quality and cost, improvement of automation level, and lightweight.

Compared with traditional wire harnesses, FPC flexible circuit board has many advantages, such as high integration, automatic assembly, assembly accuracy, ultra-thin thickness, ultra-soft, lightweight, etc. Especially in terms of automation and lightweight, this has greatly improved the production efficiency of power battery enterprises, saved the unit production cost, and further improved the grouping efficiency of power battery systems. In this market introduction period, Zhao Guo is one of the FPC soft board enterprises that has entered the new energy vehicle and power battery market. The company is actively promoting the IATF16949 management system. In the new energy vehicle market, FPC soft boards can be used in power battery modules, automotive lighting, sensor&signal systems, instrument panels, engine&wave boxes, audio and video systems and other sub components. Zhaoguo can provide professional products and technical solutions.



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