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New blue ocean of FPC FPC for automotive electronics

At present, the automobile industry has two important development directions: intelligence and electrification. ADAS and new energy vehicles are driven by two wheels, and the growth trend of automotive electronics is clear. FPC FPC has gradually become popular in automotive electronics due to its small size, light weight, easy assembly and bending resistance. FPC can be used for LED lights, gearbox, sensors, BMS, on-board display, entertainment information system and other bottom body devices or on-board devices. The number of layers is mainly 2 and 3. Driven by ADAS and new energy vehicles, FPC FPC has a broad application prospect in automotive electronics.

As the transition before the realization of fully intelligent driving, ADAS has become a new strategic highland for all major car manufacturers and cross-border Internet giants to compete for layout. The electronic devices involved in ADAS almost cover all the driving and safety related systems of the whole car. With the rapid penetration of ADAS, the level of car electronics will be comprehensively improved; New energy vehicles represent the direction of automobile electrification. Compared with traditional vehicles, they have higher requirements for the degree of electronization. The cost of electronic devices in traditional premium cars accounts for about 25%, while in new energy vehicles it accounts for 45% – 65%. The unique power control system makes the FPC FPC FPC of the whole vehicle more used than that of traditional vehicles. ADAS and new energy vehicles have grown rapidly. Under the dual wheel drive, the automotive electronics market has also maintained an annual growth rate of more than 15% in recent years. The FPC FPC flexible circuit board market for motor vehicles in corresponding regions continues to rise. According to the market survey of Cabol Technology, the output value of FPC for vehicles in 2018 exceeded US $2 billion, with a very clear growth trend.

Emerging demand such as automotive electronics will become the main growth momentum of FPC FPC in the future. The global electronics industry has entered the plateau period of the market. In the future, the growth momentum of FPC soft board will gradually switch to emerging demand such as automotive electronics. According to the survey of Cabol Technology on the output value of each terminal market of FPC soft board, the fastest growing fields from 2016 to 2019 will appear in emerging consumer electronics, automotive electronics and display fields, including wearables. The new energy automotive electronics market is an industry that Cabol Technology is highly optimistic about, and it is also an important part of the company’s future strategic layout. With the in-depth promotion of IATF16949 quality management system and the introduction of new customers, Cabol Technology’s FPC softboard business will become better and better.



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