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Market demand surges and high-end circuit boards are in short supply

According to the statistics of NT Information, a PCB industry market research organization, driven by the gradual improvement of the economy, the total global PCB output value in 2014 was about US $62.102 billion, with an annual growth rate of about 3.5%. In terms of industrial layout, at present, about 45% of the PCB production capacity comes from Chinese Mainland, and the product types are mainly standard multilayer boards, and rapidly expand to high-end circuit boards, high-density interconnection boards, flexible circuit boards and other product lines; In addition, other Asian regions, including South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, are also important PCB production bases.

On the whole, flexible circuit boards and high-density interconnection boards (HDI) are the two major focuses of PCB market growth in recent two years. On the one hand, under the current trend of major brands attacking the wearable electronics market, it has brought a lot of business opportunities for flexible circuit board manufacturers; On the other hand, with the continuous improvement of automobile electronization, the consumption of flexible circuit boards for vehicles also shows a rising trend. Driven by the replacement effect of 4G mobile communication terminals, a number of leading high-end circuit board manufacturers have actively expanded their capacity to meet the rapidly rising market demand.



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