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Laser soldering robot is widely used in FPC FPC field

As more and more FPC FPCs are applied to electronic terminal devices, such as high-end smart devices: mobile phones, laptops, auto parts, medical devices, etc. Today, when electronic products enter high-density assembly, together with the introduction of new electronic equipment, new CHIP components, new ceramic piezoelectric transformers, new electronic materials and new processes, laser soldering robots are widely used in the FPC field.

Heating characteristics of laser welding robot

The laser welding robot uses the laser diode as the heat source to implement local non-contact heating without replacing the soldering head. It has the advantages of small laser beam diameter, etc. The main features of the laser welding robot are:

  1. The minimum diameter of the laser formed point can reach 0.2mm, and the minimum diameter of the tin feeding device can reach 0.15mm, which can realize the micro spacing mounting device.
  2. Rapid local heating has little thermal impact on the substrate and surrounding parts, and the quality of solder joints is good.
  3. There is no consumption of soldering head, and the efficiency of continuous operation is high.
  4. Non contact local heating, less residue on the welding surface, and beautiful.
  5. Non contact measurement of solder temperature.

Application of Laser Welding Robot System in FPC Welding Field

As mentioned earlier, today’s electronic devices have developed towards multi-function, high integration and miniaturization, and flexible circuit boards (FPCs) are widely used in this field. As an advanced welding robot technology, the welding quality of FPC FPC is improved through automatic laser power adjustment, image recognition and other devices.



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