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Introduction to the relationship and difference between FPC, PCB and FFC

FPC is a flexible circuit board, referred to as “flexible board”, also known as “flexible circuit board, flexible circuit board” or “flexible circuit board, flexible circuit board”. In English, it is “FPC” or “Flex PCB”. It is a printed circuit made of flexible insulating substrate. It has many advantages that hard printed circuit boards do not have. It can bend, wind and fold freely. It can be arranged arbitrarily according to the requirements of spatial layout, and can move and expand freely in three-dimensional space, so as to achieve the integration of component assembly and wire connection.

PCB is a printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board and printed circuit board. It is an important electronic component, a support of electronic components, and a provider of electrical connection of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called printed circuit board.

FFC flat cable is a flexible flat cable, which is a new type of data cable made of PET insulating material and extremely thin tinned flat copper wire by pressing through high-tech automatic equipment production line. It has the advantages of softness, random bending and folding, thin thickness, small volume, simple connection, convenient disassembly, and easy to solve electromagnetic shielding (EMI).

In general: FPC is soft, flexible, and can be used to distribute components; PCB is hard, not foldable, and components can be distributed; FFC is a flexible connection line, and components cannot be arranged



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