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Introduction to the characteristics and life of FPC connector

Features of FPC connector:

  1. FPC connectors are characterized by high density, small size, light weight, etc. FPC connector FH23 specification series features: space saving design.
  2. FPC connector YF52 (6.3mm. 2.0mm110 °) adopts front locking structure. FPC/FFC is most suitable for digital machines, and other uses are relatively extensive.

FPC connector life:

It is generally difficult to accurately determine the standard measurement time required for test data related to specific applications of FPC connectors. Under the expected service temperature, the test time between 1000h and 3000h can be used to evaluate the characteristic data of automotive electronic products. At present, the semi logarithmic graphical representation of data at a specific temperature is the most widely used and urgently needed.

The FPC connector mostly adopts the design technical requirements of Level 3, and the working temperature of the FPC connector of the automobile is expected to increase. However, it seems that most non automotive connectors do not need to maintain their stability under the above conditions. However, high-density connectors require a low initial insertion force, which in turn reduces the amount of stress relief. This makes stress relief an important feature even at lower temperatures.



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