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Introduction to FPC FPC outline processing method

There are many ways to process FPC FPC shape, mainly including die stamping, laser cutting and knife cutting. In the final analysis, the cost and efficiency must be considered for the specific shape processing method.

Die stamping: As the name implies, die stamping and the use of dies are stamped by machine tools. This method of shape processing is fast, the more the number is, the lower the cost is, and the accuracy is at the normal level. This method is most suitable for batch production.

Laser cutting: laser cutting machine is used to cut. The laser cutting machine is expensive and consumes a lot of power. Therefore, this processing method has high cost, high precision and average speed. It is most suitable for processing samples with high precision requirements and small quantity. Generally, this type of shape processing method will not be used in batches.

NC cutter cutting: this form processing method is low in cost, slow in speed and poor in accuracy, and is generally only used for sample processing with low accuracy requirements.



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