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Introduction of FPC FPC price composition

  1. Price diversity caused by different FPC FPC FPC manufacturers

Even for the same product, different manufacturers have different costs because of their different process equipment and technical levels. Nowadays, many manufacturers like to produce gold plated plates because of their simple process and low cost. However, some manufacturers produce gold plated plates, which will rise as they are scrapped, resulting in higher costs. Therefore, they choose to produce tin sprayed plates or tin plated plates, so their quotation for tin sprayed plates is lower than that for gold plated plates.

  1. The price of FPC flexible circuit board varies due to different materials

For example, for ordinary FPC double-sided soft board, the sheet materials generally include PI, PET, etc. The thickness of the board varies from 0.0125mm to 0.10mm, and the copper thickness varies from 1/3oz to 3oz, all of which result in a large price difference. At the same time, there is a certain price difference between different material manufacturers or brands. This is the price diversity of selected materials. The material also includes steel sheet, FR4, PIFCCI copper foil reinforcement materials and auxiliary materials.

  1. The price varies according to the customer’s requirements

The level of customer requirements will directly affect the yield of FPC manufacturers. For example, according to IPC-A-6013, a type of board has a 98% pass rate in class1, but only 90% pass rate in class3. This will result in different costs for FPC manufacturers, and ultimately lead to variable product prices.

  1. The FPC FPC process does not cause different prices

Different production processes also result in different costs. For example, if we use gold deposition, tin deposition or OSP, we need the precision of the shape. If we use wet film lines or dry film lines, we will have different costs, resulting in different prices.

  1. The price is different due to different electroplating methods and surface treatment methods of gold finger

Local electroplating is higher than overall electroplating by about 15%. The difference between gold plating and tin plating is about 5%.

  1. Different FPC FPCs have different prices due to different technical difficulties

Under the same process requirements, if the design difficulty of flexible circuit boards is different, it will also cause different costs. For example, if the holes on one of the two types of circuit boards exceed the standard, and the other is within the normal range, the drilling costs are different. For example, the line width and line spacing of one type are greater than 0.1mm and the other type is less than 0.1mm, which will also cause price difference. Because the scrap rate of boards with great difficulty is high, the cost will inevitably increase, resulting in different prices.



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