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Introduction of FPC FPC bearing film

FPC FPC flexible circuit board bearing film is composed of super transparent polyester film (PET) coated with special silica gel, then bonded with PET release film, and then bonded with PET protective film on the hardened surface. FPC FPC bearing film is a functional film used when FPC substrate is thin. It has a variety of options such as ordinary bearing film and high temperature resistant bearing film, and is suitable for various substrates of FPC FPC.

Features of FPC FPC bearing film:

  1. Excellent dimensional stability and chemical resistance after hot working.
  2. The special pressure-sensitive adhesive is easy to peel and has no residue after the pressing process.
  3. Use this product to reduce the defects of PCB and FPC in the manufacturing process and improve the production capacity.
  4. Silicon free tape can be used for FPC bearing film and other similar protective bearing functions.
  5. Protect product solder joints, terminals and circuits from chemical treatment.



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