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Intelligent manufacturing becomes the key of the future, and FPC production efficiency is significantly improved

Intelligent manufacturing refers to realizing FPC production automation through automation equipment and communication technology, and finally realizing intelligent production through data acquisition technology and communication interconnection means. From the top to the bottom, the intelligent manufacturing system of FPC factory includes five levels: single machine automation, upstream and downstream work in series, single process line, multiple process lines, and intelligent factory.

Intelligent Manufacturing FPC

Although FPC industry has ushered in historical development opportunities, only those FPC manufacturers with high technical standards can occupy the market. It is reported that the FPC industry measures the technical level by the thickness of the line. At present, we have been able to achieve a line width and line spacing of 35 microns, which is rare in the ultra precision process industry.

The industrial Internet of Things is the basis for the realization of intelligent manufacturing. In the future, the combination of Internet of Things and the Internet will realize flexible production and manufacturing, and FPC production efficiency is expected to be greatly improved. The intelligent factory relies on the “ERP+MES” dual systems to operate cooperatively. From the system to the production line, FPC lean production has become a reality. In addition, the application of intelligent logistics, industrial robots and other advanced equipment, and the replacement of manual repetitive labor by automation systems, combined with the above factors, the per capita output value and gross profit margin are expected to rise significantly.

No matter how big the goal is, intelligent manufacturing will ultimately achieve the intelligent transformation of the whole manufacturing process, the whole industry chain and the whole value chain. We believe that intelligent manufacturing is the general route of design innovation, product innovation, technology innovation, mode innovation, as well as improving product quality, manufacturing efficiency and promoting green manufacturing, representing the future of FPC manufacturing industry



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