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Innovative application of FPC soft board reduces battery manufacturing cost

Driven by the sharp increase in sales of new energy vehicles, the shipment of domestic power batteries has also achieved a steady increase. Driven by the policy of declining subsidies and falling battery prices, battery enterprises have accelerated the introduction and application of new materials in power lithium batteries in order to reduce costs and improve the energy density of batteries. One of the important ways is to replace the traditional wiring harness with FPC flexible circuit board.

FPC is the abbreviation of flexible circuit board. It is a highly reliable and excellent flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film. Compared with traditional wire harnesses, FPC has many advantages such as high integration, automatic assembly, assembly accuracy, ultra-thin thickness, ultra-soft, lightweight, etc. It has obvious advantages in safety, lightweight battery pack, process flexibility and automatic production. In particular, FPC FPC flexible circuit board can be modularized and automatically produced, which can greatly improve the production efficiency, greatly reduce the production cost through large-scale production, and reduce the cost dozens of times in terms of temperature sensing of key components.

The person in charge of Cabol Technology mentioned that based on the huge advantages of FPC FPC in reducing battery costs, FPC will be applied more rapidly in the field of power batteries this year. As one of the domestic FPC FPC flexible circuit board suppliers, Cabol Technology is actively promoting IATF16949 quality management system and layout in the field of new energy vehicles. It can be said that FPC FPC meets the demand orientation of domestic power battery with high energy density and low cost.



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