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How to build a dual channel system for staff development in FPC PCB factory

In recent years, the process of industrial upgrading has been accelerated, more and more FPC PCB plants have achieved modern management, and professionals have become the backbone of the development of FPC PCB plants. These professionals have good educational background, rich professional knowledge and strong learning ability, and become the mainstay of PCB factory. However, FPC PCB factory can only provide a limited number of management posts, so it is particularly important to establish a “dual channel” mechanism for promotion to enable employees to achieve multi-channel development.

First, establish a management and development channel, so that employees with certain management ability can participate in the operation and management of FPC circuit board factory through the management channel, and take on more work and responsibilities; The second is to establish a professional development channel, so that engineering technology and production technology employees can become experts in the PCB industry by constantly improving their personal skills and accumulating professional experience, and achieve a win-win situation for both personal and organizational goals.

What is the significance of FPC PCB factory to establish a “dual channel” promotion mechanism

  1. It is conducive to attracting and retaining talents, improving the market competitiveness of FPC circuit board factory, so as to win more orders.
  2. Avoid the waste of talents caused by the unreasonable configuration of FPC circuit board factory, make everything professional, and arrange the right people to do the right things.
  3. It can strengthen the business expansion ability of FPC PCB factory, improve the quality of products produced within the enterprise, and make the enterprise develop well and stably.



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