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How FPC Factory to Control the Process of Product Quality

In the quality management of FPC plant, everyone only sees the final result. Practice has proved that FPC quality can only be controlled by following the process control closely.

(1) First inspection control

Before FPC products are put into production, team leaders, quality inspectors and employees must be required to carefully verify the materials to be put into production; Confirm whether the performance of the tooling to be used is stable and intact. Then produce three FPC products in small batch to confirm whether the FPC products are qualified. Production can only be started after the products are qualified. If the products are unqualified, find out the reasons and conduct mass production until they are qualified.

(2) Patrol control

In the FPC production process, the management personnel and quality inspection personnel shall conduct spot checks on the products, and 80% of their energy shall be devoted to the weak links in production, such as novice employees, key equipment, key posts, etc.

(3) Final inspection control

For the final FPC product, focus on control. The faster the work is completed, the more impatient the employees are at this time, which is easy to make mistakes, so they should be strictly controlled.



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