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How FPC Cable Laying Factory to Check the Broken Line

  1. First, FPC cable laying plant will observe the faulty line with a microscope and find the location of the suspected fracture.
  2. If the microscope can not find any suspicious fracture position, FPC cable laying plant can divide the line into several small sections for inspection.
  3. At both ends of the line where the line may break, or at the sectionalized position, use a knife to carefully cut the outer protective film of the soft board. It is better to take a new art knife or carving knife, and then move the knife left and right on the outer protective film to scrape the outer protective film and expose the copper foil line underneath. In this way, you can take a three meter to measure the line. Then, the possible fracture location can be eliminated step by step, and the exact fracture location of the copper foil line can be found finally.
  4. If you are worried that this method may break the copper foil line, FPC cable laying factory can also try to cut the position where there is no copper foil beside the copper foil line, and then try to tear off the outer protective film to achieve the same purpose.
  5. Once the exact position of the copper foil line fracture is found, if the fracture is still not observed, FPC cable laying plant will try to bend the soft plate at this position under the microscope, so that the opening of the broken copper foil can be highlighted and enlarged.



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