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How can PCB manufacturers improve the quality of resin plug hole process?

  1. Summary of common problems about POFV (plated on filled via) products

A. Orifice bubble;

B. The plug hole is not full;

C. The resin is delaminated with copper.


A. There is no way to make pads on the orifice; Orifice gas storage, chip mounting gas blowing, also known as out gassing;

B. No copper in the hole;

C. The bonding pad protrudes, causing the component not to be attached or falling off.

Preventive and Improvement Measures of Circuit Board Factory

A. Select the appropriate hole plug ink, and control the storage conditions and shelf life of the ink

B. Standardize the inspection process to avoid the appearance of holes in the mounting position orifice. Even if it is possible to improve the yield of the plug hole by relying on the excellent plug hole technology and good silk screen conditions, there is a one in ten thousand chance that the product will be scrapped. Sometimes it is a pity that the hole is scrapped only because there is no pad on the hole. This can only be done through inspection to find out the location of the hole and repair it. Of course, the problem of resin plug hole inspection has always been discussed, but it seems that there is no good equipment to solve this problem. There are also many different ways to make manual inspection and judgment more accurate.

C. The problem of bonding pad separating from resin after heating can be avoided by selecting appropriate resin, especially the selection of material Tg and expansion coefficient, appropriate production process and appropriate degumming parameters.

D. For the problem of resin and copper delamination, we found that when the copper thickness on the hole surface is greater than 15um, the problem of resin and copper delamination can be greatly improved.

  1. A summary of common problems about the inner HDI buried hole and blind hole plug hole resin plug hole of the circuit board factory

A. Bursting plate

B. Blind hole resin protrusion

C. Needless to say, the above problems directly lead to the scrapping of products. The protrusion of the resin often causes uneven lines, leading to open and short circuit problems.

Preventive and Improvement Measures of Circuit Board Factory

A. Controlling the fullness of the inner HDI plug hole is a necessary condition to prevent plate bursting; If the plug hole is selected after the line, the time from the plug hole to pressing and the cleanness of the board surface shall be controlled;

B. The resin protrusion control needs to control the resin grinding and flattening.



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