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Function of pasting electromagnetic film on FPC flexible circuit board

With the development of electronic devices towards miniaturization and portability, the assembly of electronic devices is becoming more and more intensive. Due to its small size, light weight, high circuit density and other advantages, FPC has gradually replaced the role of traditional wires in the assembly of electronic devices. FPC flexible circuit board, as the connecting line of electronic devices, mainly plays the role of conducting current and transmitting signals. When the signal transmission line is distributed in the outermost layer of FPC, in order to avoid signal distortion caused by electromagnetic interference in the signal transmission process, FPC will press another layer of conductive layer (electromagnetic shielding film) after pressing the covering film to shield the external electromagnetic interference. Our company provides you with a shielding film FPC with excellent flexibility. Its shielding film structure can resist interference, which is conducive to achieving high-quality high-frequency signal transmission.

Have the following characteristics

1: Prevent external interference intrusion, and prevent interference from the inside out

2: FPC buckling characteristics for repeated buckling

3 Meet the assembly operability requirements of FPC

Shielding characteristics

Measured value of shielding effect of high buckling shielding material (using KEC method)



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