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FPC manufacturers take you to understand the problems faced by Chinese medical equipment enterprises?

As far as the whole industry chain of medical equipment in China is concerned, FPC manufacturers understand that there are opportunities in many links. The upstream of the medical equipment industry chain mainly includes electronics, biology, advanced materials and other industries. The electronic industry mainly provides medical equipment manufacturers with various testing equipment and electronic instruments; The biological industry mainly provides biological information detection technology and biological information conversion technology; The material industry mainly provides equipment manufacturers with housing materials and some special materials. The downstream industry is mainly medical institutions at all levels at home and abroad. It is not difficult to understand that the downstream industry directly determines the market capacity and consumption demand of the medical device industry.

It can be said that the domestic medical device industry will have a bright future due to the favorable environment of medical devices and the dividends brought by the special attributes of its industrial chain. China’s medical equipment can not be separated from the word “agency”. Of course, this mode still plagues the current medical equipment industry, such as Shenzhen Mindray and Sichuan Mike. In fact, companies with sales of hundreds of millions or even hundreds of millions are basically agents.

Of course, we do not rule out that powerful agents will go against the trend and become giants such as Mindray, or become the target of major manufacturers. For agents, their future evolution includes:

  1. Grow bigger and stronger through acquisition

Manufacturers who want to become bigger and stronger in a certain category can quickly become bigger and stronger by acquiring powerful agents. For example, Beijing Jiashitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. acquired several powerful cardiology consumables agents, realizing the national sales network layout of high-end consumables in cardiology.

  1. Integration with manufacturers through equity

Some manufacturers bind powerful agents with shares, so that agents can not only obtain agency profits, but also obtain share dividends.

  1. Become a subsidiary of the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers set up local subsidiaries with primary agents, and signed performance gambling contracts to bind primary agents. For example, Mike Biotech and the first level agents in Hubei and Jilin, as well as the agents in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Guizhou.



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