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FPC FPC helps new energy battery safety

Driven by the sharp increase in sales of new energy vehicles, the shipment of domestic power batteries has also achieved a steady increase. As a hot emerging thing, its safety has become the most concerned problem, and the power battery pack, the core component of new energy vehicles, bears the brunt. What can be done to improve the safety performance of the battery pack?

FPC flexible circuit board of battery

The battery pack FPC flexible circuit board solution effectively solves this problem. FPC has many advantages, such as high integration, automatic assembly, assembly accuracy, ultra-thin thickness, ultra-soft, lightweight, etc. It has obvious advantages in safety, lightweight battery pack, process flexibility and automatic production. Shenzhen Cabol Technology Co., Ltd., as an enterprise specializing in the production of FPC flexible circuit boards, has many years of experience in the production and manufacturing of battery pack FPC. Main features of FPC solution for power battery pack:

  1. Safe and reliable: As the core component of new energy vehicles, the power battery pack becomes a vital part of vehicle safety.
  2. High space utilization rate: FPC acquisition board greatly improves the space utilization rate of battery pack by taking advantage of the characteristics of FPC.
  3. High temperature resistance: the power battery may produce high temperature in the working and driving environment, which may endanger the safety of the line. The FPC collection board material is polyimide with a relative density of 1.39-1.45, which has high temperature resistance and can work normally in the environment of – 40 ℃ – 260 ℃.
  4. Chemical corrosion resistance: FPC collection board material has the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance, and has very good corrosion resistance to battery electrolyte coolant to ensure circuit safety.
  5. Electrical insulation: FPC flexible circuit board has strong electrical insulation to ensure safe operation of the line.



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