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FPC flexible cable design process and points for attention?

  1. First, determine the model, manufacturer, specification, etc. of the connector corresponding to FPC flexible cable, and evaluate whether the current, service life, installation method, etc. to be passed by the connector can meet the requirements.
  2. Make schematic diagram packaging and PCB packaging, especially PCB packaging. For the first time, do it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If there is any change in the actual use later, update the packaging in time.  
  3. During the design, the schematic diagram shall be drawn first. The comment of components can use the manufacturer’s material number to facilitate the export of BOM. At the same time, the network label shall be made, and then the schematic diagram shall be updated to generate PCB.  
  4. For the power supply network, pay attention to the relationship between the current passing through and the line width. Pay attention to the differential line routing should cover the ground, be equal in length, and be equally spaced to ensure the impedance. It is better to route the line in a one-to-one manner. Note that the ground wire should not be directly connected in the BTB seat because of the same network logo.  
  5. The size hole diameter/pad of FPC flexible cable through hole shall be 0.2/0.4MM. Try not to be smaller, or the price will rise. The minimum wire diameter is 0.1mm, the minimum spacing is 0.1mm, and the minimum wire width is 0.12mm. Note that the inner layer thickness of FPC flexible cable is 0.1mm, which can be used as the impedance calculation data. For the wire with high current, the copper thickness should be 1.5 oz or 2 oz, and pay attention to whether the number of vias with high current is enough.  
  6. The normal delivery time of FPC flexible cable is 3-4 days, and the urgent delivery time can be 1 day. The number of samples can be 20 pcs. When testing, pay attention to the thickness of FPC flexible cable, the thickness of contact with the base, and the materials of the stiffener include PP, steel sheet and glass fiber.
  7. The file name, version number, date, etc. printed on the FPC flexible flat cable shall be clear, both front and back are preferred, and the location number of the connector, the first pin indication, etc. shall be printed with silk screen.



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