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Folding screen and 5G become the innovation direction of FPC communication products

The flexible screen is also called OLED screen. Compared with traditional screens, the flexible screen is not only thinner in volume, but also lower in power consumption than the original device, which helps to improve the endurance of the device. At the same time, based on its flexible and flexible characteristics, its durability is also much higher than previous screens, reducing the probability of accidental damage to the device. FPC has the characteristics of thin, flexible, winding, foldable, and high wiring density, which perfectly fits the development theme of thin, lightweight, and miniaturization. In recent years, FPC has become the leader of PCB subdivision industry. The increase of FPC applications in mobile phones will become an established trend, which also makes the FPC market a positive trend.

With 3GPP officially releasing the 5G standard SA scheme and the overweight layout of the three major operators in 5G R&D, testing, industrial chain and application, 5G commercial has entered a full sprint period. The insiders said that with the 5G commercial period approaching, the market scale of related industries will be rapidly expanded. FPC FPC industry, as an important component of mobile phones, will also get a huge development opportunity and is expected to usher in a new round of large-scale expansion and upgrading. 5G commercial will create a supermarket for FPC industry and even the entire semiconductor industry, and the entire industry will be brought into a new round of growth by 5G technology.

Shenzhen Cabol Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in FPC flexible circuit board and HDI soft and hard combination board. The factory is located in Shajing, Bao’an District and a north Yongfa Science Park. Cabol is committed to the design, production and sales of high-quality and high-precision flexible printed circuit boards, covering single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer and soft and hard combination boards. The innovation of 5G communication equipment and folding screen mobile phones will become the growth point of mobile intelligent terminals in the future, and FPC FPC may become the biggest beneficiary.



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