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Foldable mobile phones create new demand for FPC FPC

Printed circuit board is the basic component of smart phones. Taking FPC flexible circuit board as an example, it can be used in various components of mobile phones such as display drivers, touch screens, vibrators, cameras, etc. The average number of FPC flexible circuit boards used in smart phones can reach 10-15. In recent years, the single machine usage of FPC FPC FPC in smart phones has been increasing, which has driven the continuous development of the softboard market. At the same time, the advent of folding phones has put forward more demands for high-quality FPC FPC FPC FPC.

Mobile FPC FPC

With the popularity of smart phones, the demand for FPC flexible circuit boards is growing steadily, and the demand for smart phone function integration is growing. More functional modules make the average number of FPC flexible circuit boards required by smart phones continue to increase. FPC FPC plays an increasingly important role in the design of folding mobile phones with its own characteristics. At the same time, the number of orders for folding mobile phone FPC multilayer boards is increasing. It is important for FPC manufacturers to control the quality and make good use of such products in the process. Zhao Qiangao of Cabol Technology said that quality is an important basis for measuring a good FPC manufacturer. Years of manufacturing experience has led us to form a complete set of quality control systems, which ensures that every FPC soft board we produce meets customer requirements.

With the increasingly powerful functions of smart phones, their innovative points and shipments are decreasing. Foldable phones will be one of the important elements that will stimulate the demand for new phones in the future. At present, Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers are actively developing folding mobile phones. However, it is not enough to fold a mobile phone only with a folding screen. Foldable internal components are also one of the necessary conditions, among which the folding of printed circuit board is the most important. As a core component, FPC FPC will welcome new development opportunities. In the future, we are expected to see more and more FPCs appear in smart terminals of various brands, thus driving the growth of the entire FPC industry chain.



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