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Flexible Electronic Technology Helps FPC FPC Take off

Flexible electronics is also called plastic electronics, printing electronics, organic electronics, polymer electronics, etc. It is a new electronic technology that makes electronic devices of organic or inorganic materials on flexible, ductile plastic or thin metal substrates. Because FPC flexible circuit board and electronic system can realize bending, folding and extension, and their functions will not be affected, their unique flexibility and ductility make flexible electronic system have broad application prospects in many aspects.

According to the market forecast of Kazhaogou, the scale of the flexible electronics industry will reach 47 billion US dollars in 2018, more than 300 billion US dollars in 2028, and the compound annual growth rate from 2012 to 2028 will be nearly 30%. The industry is in a long-term high-speed growth trend. With the rapid development of the flexible electronics industry, the processing technology of FPC flexible circuit board is constantly innovating. It has broad application prospects in information, energy, medical, aerospace and other fields, such as flexible electronic display, thin film solar cells, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, flexible sensing, electrochromism and so on.

In addition to integrating FPC FPC flexible circuit board, electronic components, flat panel display and other technologies, flexible electronics also spans semiconductor, printed circuit board, display panel and other industries, which can help traditional industries to enhance industrial added value. Another attraction of this technology is that it can achieve weight reduction and lightweight. Therefore, the development of flexible electronics technology will bring revolutionary changes to the industrial structure and human life. With the development of flexible electronic technology, various electronic products emerge as the times require. The application of flexible electronics will drive the market of FPC FPC FPC with a scale of one trillion yuan.



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