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Fingerprint recognition has become the most rapidly growing subdivision application field of FPC

Fingerprint identification can be divided into optical sensing, capacitive sensing, ultrasonic sensing and micro optical sensing according to the different sensing technologies used to collect fingerprints. The further popularization of fingerprint identification in low-end smart computers has become the main growth point of the fingerprint identification market in recent years. At the same time, fingerprint identification has accelerated penetration in the mobile phone industry, driving the rapid growth of FPC demand.

How Fingerprint Recognition Works

According to the data analysis of Cabol Technology, in 2016, the global shipment of fingerprint identification chips of intelligent terminals reached 648 million, and the market sales reached 2.32 billion dollars. It is estimated that by 2018, the global market size of fingerprint identification chips for intelligent terminals will reach 1.199 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of about 36% and sales volume of 3.07 billion US dollars. Therefore, it has driven the shipment of fingerprint identification module FPC, and fingerprint identification has become the most rapidly growing subdivision application field of FPC.

Fingerprint identification module FPC

It is estimated that the growth of domestic fingerprint identification mobile phones will tend to be “rational” during 2016~2020, and the compound annual growth rate of Android fingerprint identification mobile phones will be about 17%. Whether it is unlocking mobile phones, replacing passwords, or mobile payment, fingerprint identification has unlimited imagination, which indirectly promotes the demand for FPC for fingerprint identification.



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