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Discussion on the Solution of FPC FPC Glue Overflow

Glue spilling is a common quality anomaly in the pressing process of FPC FPCs. Glue spilling refers to the glue system flowing in COVERLAY due to the rise of temperature in the pressing process, resulting in glue stains similar to EXPORY series on the PAD position of FPC FPCs. There are many reasons for FPC FPC glue overflow, so we should propose different solutions according to the specific situation.

  1. Overflow caused by COVERLAY during manufacturing

Then, FPC FPC FPC manufacturers should strictly inspect the incoming materials. If the glue overflow exceeds the standard in the incoming sampling inspection, they should contact the supplier to return or replace the products, otherwise the glue overflow is difficult to control in the production process.

  1. Glue overflow caused by storage environment

FPC FPC FPC manufacturers had better establish a special freezer to store the protective film. If the CL glue system is affected with moisture due to the storage conditions failing to meet the requirements, the CL can be pre baked at low temperature to greatly improve the CL glue overflow. In addition, CL that has not been used up on the same day should be put back into the freezer in time.

  1. Local glue overflow caused by independent small PAD position

This phenomenon is one of the most common quality anomalies encountered by most FPC FPC FPC manufacturers in China at present. If the process parameters are changed simply to solve the problem of glue overflow, new problems such as bubbles or insufficient peel strength will occur, so the process parameters can only be adjusted reasonably.

  1. Glue overflow caused by operation mode

When the FPC FPC flexible circuit board is falsely connected, the staff shall be required to accurately align, correct the alignment fixture, and increase the alignment inspection to avoid glue overflow due to inaccurate alignment. At the same time, do a good job of “5S” during crimping and false connection. Before alignment, check whether the protective film CL is polluted and has burrs.

  1. Glue overflow caused by FPC FPC FPC process

If fast press is used for pressing, properly extending the pre pressing time, reducing the pressure, temperature and pressing time will help reduce the amount of glue overflow. If the pressure of the press is uneven, you can use inductive paper to test whether the pressure of the press is uniform, and you can contact the supplier of the fast press to debug the machine.



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