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Discussion on the advantages of FPC in the application of power battery modules

As the technology matures, it has gradually replaced the traditional sampling harness, which can realize the functions of over-current fusing, temperature acquisition and voltage acquisition for the power battery module. Customers who produce power battery modules have developed a new type of electrical connection FPC. By welding connectors at both ends of FPC, it can be used for electrical connection between sampling line and controller, as well as other parts that need to realize low-voltage electrical signal transmission. What advantages does FPC FPC have in the power battery module?

  1. High integration: self embedded Fuse, connector, chip NTC, aluminum/nickel terminal; It can not only provide excellent and consistent electrical performance, but also meet the design requirements of smaller and higher density installations. Three dimensional space wiring is required, and the appearance can be changed according to the space limitations. It is suitable for the development of high-density, miniaturization and high reliability, so as to achieve the integration of component assembly and wire connection.
  2. Automatic assembly can be realized: assembly is fast and accurate, which is conducive to automation; In terms of assembly and fault tolerance, we can avoid many manual errors in harness design, and also reduce many opportunities for incorrect insertion at the connector level. The use of FPC sampling can reduce the complexity of module integration process. The connection between FPC and battery busbar can realize automatic welding, effectively reducing labor costs. Even if the customer can not mature to realize automatic welding, the traditional screw locking method can still effectively reduce the manual input.
  3. Ultra thin thickness: 0.34mm in line area, 2mm at NTC.
  4. Super flexibility: 90 ° and 180 ° bending assembly can be realized in the line area.
  5. Lightweight: When the whole vehicle is used, the weight of comparable harness scheme will be reduced by about 1kg.
  6. Cost advantage: From the perspective of cost, the cost of FPC itself is not high, and the connection cost is greatly reduced.



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