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Discussion on Intelligent Manufacturing of PCB Factory

  1. The circuit board factory should strengthen the top-level design, promote the upgrading of automation equipment, promote the improvement of automation production level, and comprehensively build FPC flexible circuit board intelligent manufacturing.
  2. The PCB factory should continue to promote the networking of production equipment and data collection, actively build the PCB factory’s resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution system (MES), supplier relationship management (SRM), warehouse management system (WMS) and other information systems, and continue to promote the digital construction of the PCB factory.
  3. The circuit board factory should integrate automation, informatization and intelligence into the design, production, management and service of FPC FPCs.
  4. PCB manufacturers should actively carry out intelligent manufacturing, reduce operating costs, shorten the production cycle of FPC FPC FPC products, improve production efficiency, reduce the rate of defective FPC FPC products, and improve the utilization rate of FPC raw materials.



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