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Application of PIC in FPC FPC

It is an inevitable trend for FPC FPC to adopt the process technology of photosensitive coating, which will bring obvious benefits. Compared with the traditional covering film, the photosensitive covering film has the following advantages:

  1. The hole or window opening position is formed by means of photosensitive development, without die punching, with high precision, low cost and high aging.
  2. The process is simpler, the production speed is faster, and energy and manpower can be saved.
  3. The rigidity without PI film makes FPC have better flexibility, and will not increase the rebound force during static winding.

Compared with photosensitive ink, PIC also has its unique advantages:

  1. No screen printing is required during processing, which is clean, odorless, and the film thickness is consistent.
  2. It solves the problem that the liquid ink plug hole is not easy.
  3. It has the same folding property as the photosensitive ink, but also better photosensitivity and chemical resistance.
  4. Fast development and short post baking heating time.
  5. No silicon oil containing defoamer will be added, which will not pollute the pad edge and the gold plating bath.

It is mainly that the protective film, which is made by using a photosensitive protective film, is pasted and pressed, and then the image transfer process is carried out. It can solve the problem of accurate alignment of pads, so that more refined pads can be manufactured. At the same time, the use of photosensitive covering film greatly shortens the process flow of traditional covering film, saves manpower, improves efficiency, shortens the manufacturing cycle of FPC, and brings great benefits to manufacturers’ rapid response to the market.



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