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Application of Machine Vision in FPC FPC Industry

  1. Measurement

In the process of FPC PCB processing, many links need to be strictly tested, limited to the labor cost, and some links are only spot checked. In the later stage of FPC FPC processing, the power on test of the interface is essential, which is related to whether the internal circuit of FPC FPC is intact. At present, some enterprises have adopted keyboard interface detection equipment, which uses automation equipment to fix, detect and translate the interface of materials, and then conduct pressing and power on tests, and judge whether the FPC line works normally according to the test results. Due to the narrow line width of the keyboard interface, it is often necessary to correct the translation for many times in the process of visual correction translation.


  1. Printing

In terms of printing, the traditional manual control of printing quality requires skilled workers, and multi-layer printing is difficult to align. The automatic correction platform based on machine vision technology is adopted to identify the reference point on FPC FPC FPC through multiple cameras, and control the multi axis motor to move the printing platform, so that the multi-layer materials can be fully aligned, which can significantly improve the printing accuracy by 4-5 times.

  1. Defect detection

Due to the different characteristic standards that enterprises pay attention to, there are many specific targets for defect detection, such as common wire break detection, short circuit detection, wire thinning or nozzle detection. This type of detection usually has a large area and needs to be detected one by one. The system platform often uses multiple cameras to collect and detect. If the early defects are not fully detected, the whole FPC flexible circuit board may be scrapped and the cost of raw materials will be very high.

  1. Punching

Punching is a necessary link, which can be used for subsequent printing, film pasting, alignment and other process operations. Traditional punching is done manually. The professional punching machine is used to realize parallel feeding, parallel detection, multi material translation correction and stamping through multi camera precise positioning and motor control. Generally, one FPC FPC FPC can be punched every 3-4 seconds on average. The system efficiency is 3-5 times higher than before, which can completely replace manual punching.

  1. Patch

The mounter is one of the commonly used equipment in electronic manufacturing. The hardware and software design of the mounter is extremely complex, and a large number of automatic visual inspection technologies are used internally. The placement machine generally includes two processes, dispensing and placement. Glue dispensing mainly uses machine vision equipment to detect the position of MARK point, and uses this as a reference to locate the dispensing position. Glue dispensing is done through pinhole, including conductive adhesive and viscose. The patch is to stick LED lights at the dispensing place, including single lights and dual lights.



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