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Application of FPC soft plate gold digging power battery PACK

Compared with traditional wire harnesses, FPC soft board has many advantages such as high integration, automatic assembly, assembly accuracy, ultra-thin thickness, ultra-soft, lightweight, etc. As a key link to improve the energy density of the power battery system, the introduction and application of new materials in the pack field is the direction of many battery enterprises to tackle key problems. The application innovation of replacing traditional wiring harness with FPC soft board is one of the important paths. The FPC soft circuit board scheme can help the pack achieve the effect of regular layout and compact structure.

Battery FPC

As a kind of printed circuit board, FPC soft board is not a new thing. Due to the high density of wiring, light and foldable texture, FPC has penetrated into every corner of the PC accessories market in the past decades. In the new field of power battery application, FPC is mainly used to replace the traditional wire harness in the pack process to assist in the collection of battery pack information. FPC soft circuit board is mainly because compared with traditional wire harness, it has significant advantages in safety, lightweight battery pack, process flexibility and automatic production, meeting the demand orientation of high energy density and low cost of domestic power battery.

FPC soft board is the core “pain point” for power battery enterprises to save space and improve automation level in the PACK link. The consensus of mainstream power battery enterprises is that in the next few years, the process of replacing traditional wire harnesses with FPC soft boards will be significantly accelerated, and FPC suppliers with comprehensive advantages in overall solutions, prices, reliability, etc. will usher in a new round of market opportunities.

In addition to the price advantage, FPC for power battery also has much room for improvement in terms of performance. According to Cabol Technology, the mature FPC double-sided boards, multilayer boards and other higher performance products that have been used in the digital field have not been widely introduced into the power battery industry due to cost factors. Once the cost problem is properly handled, FPC will win a larger market in the power battery field.



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