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Analysis on the Causes of Poor FPC Cable Arrangement

FPC cable is widely used in vehicle mounted DVD, vehicle mounted GPS navigation, portable DVD, MP3, PDA laptop, point reader, repeater, mobile phone, digital camera, printer, scanner, power amplifier audio, cash register, monitoring and communication system, computer peripheral equipment, etc. The common poor performance of FPC cable arrangement mainly includes broken pins and burrs, which are caused by improper operation of the drill, problems with the drill bit, too fast feed, incorrect cover plate and base plate, incorrect drilling conditions, electrostatic adsorption, etc.

Solutions to common undesirable phenomena of FPC cable arrangement:

  1. Improve the technical ability and proficiency of operators in FPC cable laying plant, and cultivate the sense of responsibility of employees; Strictly control the quality requirements of drill needles, including material, shape, number of drills, drill tips, etc.
  2. Strictly control the material, thickness and thermal conductivity of pressing plate and base plate of FPC cable factory; Ensure the temperature and humidity requirements of FPC cable laying processing environment.
  3. During drilling, FPC cable laying shall strictly control the vibration, position accuracy, clamping force and other auxiliary performances of the drilling machine; Control the drilling parameters (single processing method), the number of revolutions, and the speed of feed and retreat.



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