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Advantages of industrial robot application in FPC industry

  1. Reduce employment, speed up work pace and improve work efficiency. Robots can realize repetitive operations at a high speed, which can be much higher than the manual work pace, thus bringing about a significant increase in the working efficiency of FPC industry and a reduction in labor costs and management costs.
  2. Improve operation accuracy and product quality. Robots can use programming and vision systems to achieve accurate positioning and repeatability, effectively improving the quality of products. The potential threat of the working environment to workers’ health and safety was avoided, and the investment in environmental safety was saved.
  3. Reduce the reduction of efficiency and quality and accident rate caused by the impact of repetitive and boring processes on the state of workers; Optimize the work flow and reduce the work space. Effectively reduce material consumption rate; It can work continuously for 24 hours and in the black light environment.
  4. It can make the manufacturing process flexible. In the future, FPC industry will see more and more small batch orders. The use of industrial robots can greatly improve the flexibility of production and achieve rapid delivery of orders.
  5. Improve the brand image and reputation. The application of industrial robots has further improved the automation level of FPC manufacturers, driven the progress in product quality, production efficiency, cost control, responsiveness and other aspects, and improved the overall competitiveness of manufacturers in the industry.



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