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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Shenzhen Zhaogoo Industry Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the confidentiality of customer information, and will not disclose any information of customers to suppliers and peers without the permission of customers. In addition, the customer name will not be published in the whole company, but will be replaced by the customer number. Internal employees have signed a confidentiality agreement with the company at the time of entry, and assume legal responsibility for the disclosure of customer information for posts involving knowing customer information, such as the Marketing Department and the Shipping Department.

1、 Content of Zhaogoo’s confidentiality of customer information

Including but not limited to: proprietary technology, trade secret, copyright and copyright related status information, business plan, formula, drawing, sketch, technical data, technical process, technical know-how, production process, technology, theory, invention and financial information, relevant information provided by Party A due to cooperation (such as company name, employee identity, geographical location, procurement project and direction, samples and product data, market business consultation, etc.) Information related to the content of the talks between Party A and Party B, and other information that is or may reasonably be expected to be treated as confidential according to its nature or the information disclosed to the information owner.

2、 Exceptions to Confidential Information

The above confidential information does not include:

2.1 Any information published or otherwise in the public domain;

2.2 Information disclosed by the receiving party with the prior written consent of the disclosing party;

2.3 Documents or data independently developed by the receiving party that are not based on the confidential information provided by the disclosing party;

2.4 The receiving party shall notify the disclosing party in writing of the information disclosed in accordance with legal requirements before disclosure, and shall try its best to help prevent the disclosing party’s confidential information from being disclosed publicly.

3、 Responsibilities of both parties

3.1 Both parties are the disclosing party and the receiving party of confidential information to each other, and bear confidentiality obligations and confidentiality responsibilities.

3.2 Both parties undertake that, from the date of disclosure of information by the disclosing party, without the prior written consent of the other party, the receiving party:

3.3 Do not disclose any of the above confidential information to any third party or otherwise use the confidential information;

3.4 Do not disclose the confidential information to any person other than those who really need to know the confidential information for the purpose of implementing the cooperation project between the two parties;

3.5 Do not use the materials containing the other party’s confidential information for any purpose other than the cooperation projects of both parties by copying, duplicating or other means;

3.6 Do not disclose or publicly declare the progress and content of business cooperation between the two parties to a third party;

3.7 Treat the confidential information disclosed by the other party with a degree of protection no less than that of similar materials owned by the other party, and in no case can the protection of confidential information be less than a reasonable degree.

  1. The supplier shall not use the samples provided by the demander to the supplier due to the cooperation needs of both parties for other purposes than reference, nor disclose the sample parameters and information to any third person. After the pre classification, the supplier shall return the samples to the demander, and shall not privately intercept or destroy them.
  2. If the confidential information of the disclosing party is found to have been illegally used or leaked, the receiving party shall promptly notify the disclosing party and cooperate with the disclosing party to take necessary preventive measures.

4、 Intellectual Property

The patent right, copyright, trademark right or other rights involved in the confidential information provided by the disclosing party to the receiving party are owned by the disclosing party. If there are any intellectual property rights or other rights that can be applied for, the receiving party shall not apply for them or provide them to others.

You can ask to sign a confidentiality agreement with our company to explain in writing the information you need to keep confidential, and we will fully cooperate with your confidentiality needs.