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About Us


The company’s products are sold all over the world, and have received good feedback from customers, making entrepreneurs household names, making employees proud and happy, and providing stakeholders with opportunities to create and realize beautiful dreams.


To continuously sell good products to all parts of the world.


1. Never give up.                                  5. Seek truth from facts. 
2. Be sincere and trustworthy.          6. Teamwork. 
3. Faith and diligence.                        7. Pioneering and innovating. 
4. Take responsibility.                        8. Mutual respect. 

About us

Zhaogoo Industrial is a professional PCBA&FPCBA manufacturer, providing PCBA OEM and ODM services to customers in 126 countries around the world. The company was established in 2012 with a factory located in Shenzhen, China and an office in Hong Kong, China.

We have the full process of PCB and FPC. At the same time, we have set up 13 SMT and DIP production lines, including Panasonic and Yamaha high-speed equipment, as well as AOI inspection machines and X-Ray detectors, and built an internal intelligent electronic material warehouse. It can quickly meet the customer’s BOM list requirements. We are all committed to providing customers with fast and reliable PCBA proofing and mass production services.

We adopt modern management, implement QES management system, and have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and our products have passed EU CE certification, ROHS certification and US UL certification.

Now, Zhaogoo vigorously uses automation to produce FPC and PCB, with automatic cutting machine, automatic drilling machine, automatic reinforcement machine, high-precision infrared laser cutting machine, automatic screen printing machine, inkjet printer, vacuum pressing machine, vacuum packaging machine Machines and other complete production equipment, the degree of automation reaches 82.51%. At the same time, we have established an internal laboratory with high-precision grinding machines, peel strength testers, salt spray testing equipment, etc. for incoming material inspection, finished product inspection, and abnormal analysis. The company has built a thousand-level dust-free workshop (the number of fine dust is strictly controlled within 1,000 per cubic meter) to ensure the cleanliness of the lamination process.

For raw materials, we all use well-known materials such as DuPont, 3M, KB of South Korea, Nippon Steel, Taiwan Shengyi, etc., to escort the quality of customers’ products on the basis.

With the service tenet of “creating value for customers and striving to achieve a win-win situation”, we have a complete marketing system and an elite sales team, pay close attention to the potential needs of the PCBA market and customer expectations, and strive to provide customers with the most considerate quality service and quality. Guaranteed PCBA and FPCBA products!

PCB and FPC Design

Provide your requirements or schematic diagram, and let us design PCB using protel, Altium Designer, Allegro, Mentor pads, easyeda, CAM350 and other software.

PCB and FPC Production

Our company manufactures PFC, PCB, Rigid flex PCB and other products according to samples, PCB, CAM and other data. The fastest delivery time is 24 hours.

BOM Ingredients

You provide us with the BOM list, and we will purchase electronic materials for you. At the same time, we also have a large number of stock, and we will provide you with the BOM list at any time.

SMT and DIP Processing

We have 13 SMT and DIP production lines. Whether you are a sample order or a batch order, we are willing to accept it and ship it within 24-72 hours, using DHL, UPS and other methods.


  1. PCB design. You can ask to use protel, Altium Designer, Allegro, Mentor pads, easyeda;
  2. PCB manufacturing. Including FPC, FR-4 PCB, Rigid flex PCB, Aluminum PCB, High Frequency PCB, the number of PCB layers that can be produced is 1-40, and the minimum line width and minimum line spacing are 0.05mm;
  3. BOM ingredients. Purchase the corresponding materials according to the BOM provided by the customer;
  4. PCB assembly. SMT and DIP packaging can be carried out, and AOI and X-Ray testing can be carried out for products;
  5. Finished product testing. For simpler products, our company has general equipment for testing, and for more complex products, our company can provide tooling and fixtures for testing;
  6. PCBA board reading and decoding.