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5G mobile phone is coming, FPC connector will welcome new development opportunities

In recent years, the rapid growth of China’s mobile phone production has driven a large demand for mobile phone connectors. Especially under the commercial trend of 5G, 5G mobile phones will be widely popularized, which will bring new growth impetus to the mobile phone connector market. Among them, the demand for battery connector, SIM card connector and FPC connector is expected to increase rapidly.

Connector manufacturers in Chinese Mainland supply a variety of mainstream FPC connectors, including DIP and SMT types. As mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras and other consumer electronic products are developing towards thinner, smaller and more versatile, FPC connectors are becoming the main connecting accessories in electronic devices due to their smaller spacing, lower height, higher pin density and high flexibility, catering to the trend of thin and flexible electronic products.

FPC has a broad market prospect in the context of the pursuit of light, thin, short and small design of electronic products. In recent years, wearable devices, the Internet of Things and other fields have developed rapidly, putting forward new requirements for the connector industry, and the demand for FPC series products has increased significantly, especially in digital cameras, automotive satellite orientation devices, LCD TVs, laptops, mobile phones and other communication fields.



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