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5G business opportunities stimulate the demand for FPC high-frequency boards to rise

With the launch of 5G in the first year, smart phones are moving towards 5G and folding upgrade. Although the demand for consumer electronics is slowing, 5G’s demand for high-frequency boards is increasing. Since 5G, IOT and other applications will use higher frequencies, they will gradually increase from below 3GHz in the past to 6GHz or even 2~30GHz, and there are very high requirements for board loss in the process of increasing frequencies. The arrival of 5G is the beginning of the interconnection of all things in the real sense. 5G will complete the interconnection of all things in the world. With the arrival of 5G era, FPC high-frequency board for communication will also usher in a great time!

5G smart phones will be launched in the second half of 2019. By 2020, the shipment of 5G smart phones will reach 7% of the total smartphone shipments, and by 2022, it will account for 18%. In order to cope with the huge business opportunities of 5G, Cabol Technology is strengthening the technical development of high-frequency FPC flexible circuit boards and improving the production capacity, actively promoting the market expansion of high-frequency FPC flexible circuit boards, aiming at 5G and the next generation of Wi Fi, and replacing antenna plates and cables for wiring in the machine. Since the transmission loss in the millimeter wave band will be much higher than that in the current 4G band, the current PI substrate of the antenna soft board will not meet the requirements. The high frequency FPC flexible circuit board based on LCP has lower dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, and its data transmission speed and quality can better meet the requirements of the 5G era. At the same time, compared with traditional FPC products, LCP soft board has higher technical barriers and higher profit margins.

5G communication base stations and mobile terminal equipment have a large demand for high-frequency FPC. Cabol Technology said that although 5G is a major issue this year, from the perspective of the terminal market, neither demand nor order visibility is clear. Therefore, it gives priority to strengthening internal control, improving efficiency, and adjusting profit structure. At the same time, it will invest in the application of technology in future vehicle and 5G related applications. In terms of technology and management, it will actively develop and continue to promote system upgrading, and strive to make annual profits better than last year’s performance.



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